Friendly reminders that caught my eye via Pinterest. I just thought I’d share the goods along with a few love notes. 


Release it. B.S is not good for the soul.


It’s okay to just backspace, delete, and start all over again.


Start somewhere. Anywhere. Do what ever it takes


This I think is self explanatory. Slaaaayyyyy honey.


Put yourself first and don’t feel guilty about it. You only have one life to live.


This is all you need to stay balanced. Good people. Good vibes.


Let it all go. The pain. The stress. Everything that makes you uncomfortable and keeps you from being your best self. Let all that go.


Just do it. Just go for it. What do you have to lose?


Just a little fun but you get the picture.


Be Black. Be proud. Embrace whom ever you are.



For the holidays I went back to my hometown Chicago, IL. I had the time of my life. I got my mind right and most importantly spent time with my loved ones. There is no better feeling than receiving unconditional love from your family and friends. Hands down, a great way to end 2017. 

Rolling into 2018 I have plans of traveling, expanding my business, blogging more and simply enjoying life. I’m sure we all have a list overflowing with goals for the new year. I wish everyone the best and blessings on your journey. We got this!

Check out the pics below to take a glimpse of my homecoming.
















one day you will wake up

and value yourself more than the world ever could 

you will refuse to take no for an answer

your heart will reject all things that are half ass

you will level up

and be unforgettable.

you are the archetype.

lingerie by SADA BY SARAH

choker by  SHOP POP LIFE



(Glasses and Coat by Pieces And Things Boutique)

On June 19th, I launched my choker line which in the beginning scared the crap out of me but I decided to just run with it. Since then I’ve managed to discover a lot about myself along with what it means to be a true entrepreneur. It definitely hasn’t been easy and I’m still learning so much along the way. I thought it would be good to share a few lessons that I’ve learned since I started this “boss girl” journey.




In the beginning, I felt as if I wasn’t prepared to start my own business. I thought that I didn’t have the money, talent, support, patience, etc. Every form of self-doubt you could think of flashed amongst my brain cells. I’m still not quite sure what sparked it, but one day I said to myself “f, it.” The worst thing that could happen is that it sucks and I have to find something else to do. I asked my bestie to teach me the basics of sewing and the rest was history. Before I knew it, I was sewing chokers any and everywhere I could. Eventually, proving to myself that I was capable of being an accessory designer. Most importantly, I became comfortable with the fact that I didn’t have all figured together and that was okay.






When you start a business you will be surprised by how many people actually don’t want to pay you. I learned the hard way about always keeping things professional even with family and friends. It’s so easy to get caught up with favors and negotiations. I had to remind myself that I work very hard and I am building a brand. The goal is to be fair to customers and also be fair to myself. As soon as you compromise that with favors and small deals for no reason then that changes everything. Set your price and stick to it, even for “ya mama and cousins too.”



One of the fastest ways to figure out who your real friends and fake friends are is by starting your own business. Real friends will show up and scream loudly. Fake friends will remain silent and/or absent. Before you know it that energy that you once had time to entertain negativity, you won’t anymore. I’m just saying. Don’t worry about losing friends though. I learned that the more sucky friends you lose the more space you have building your social network with people with similar goals as you. It definitely hurts at first but you’ll get over it.


Valuing your customers is the most important part of running a business. Whether, its communicating via email, text, or DM’s I noticed that customers can always sense good service. Also, if you provide great service then customers have no problem representing you or referring you.


Random but truuuueeeee lol


I feel more fulfilled now that I know that I am capable of creating and selling something.  There has definitely been a shift in my energy since I started my accessory line and it keeps expanding. Running a business gives you a sense of self-pride especially when you make your customers happy. It feels good to secure that bag too, I can’t lie.



These are my best friends. I make them sit in the hot ass sun while I take pictures of them in my products. In return, I feed them my jerk tacos for compensation. I love them and obviously they love me too. Duhhhhhh lol



On this journey, I learned the importance of becoming a sponge for love and support.  My family and friends have become my sales representatives, models, mentors, photographers, teachers, and the list goes on. I am truly grateful and I’m proud to say that they are apart of my team. Shoutout to the homies.


Whether the business succeeds or fails. You will conquer something. The lesson won’t be lost. You’ll become better. You will become stronger.








“Currently in production, Backside Stories is a doc series and exhibit that investigates the relationship women have with one of the largest muscle in their bodies, the gluteus. Backside Stories pushes beyond being politically correct, highlighting the joy and the pain of womanhood from the perspective of the hiney. Backside Stories encourages women to own the narratives about their bodies.”


In the beginning, I was kind of nervous about having full blown conversations about my big booty experience. After having a series of “booty” conversations with the producers it shifted my perspective of my body image and how I carry myself.

I was once the girl that found every way to cover my butt because I felt that my body shape/curves were inappropriate. Songs like Erykah Badu’s “Booty” and “Clever” gave me the affirmation that its okay to be comfortable with my curves. Eventually, I started breaking the habit of tying garments around my waist and avoiding wearing fitted dresses to work. Now you can catch me posting backside pics of the gram and flaunting these curves as I roam the streets of NYC! If I learned anything from the experience I learned that no matter the size of the ass learn to love it and own it!









  1. The Greater Houston Community Foundation
  2. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy
  3. GlobalGiving
  4. American Red Cross
  5. The Salvation Army
  6. South Texas Blood & Tissue Center



There other sources that’s are available to assist Houston with this crisis but its best to avoid scams.

Source: NPR





They say a picture holds a thousand words but I’ll just share a few. These two play a huge part in my “DNA.” He is a Morehouse man, she is a Spelman woman and together they made a Spelhouse baby. In this picture my dad thinks that he is a corporate thug and my mom just keeps it classy as per usual. For my entire life these two have managed to raise me from two different states with the support of many family and friends (cuz ya’ll know it takes a village to raise a child. HELLO). This weekend the three of us united to celebrated not only their 25th College Reunion but also to celebrate my cousins graduation (Congrats Milli!). The gag is I only have 5 pictures with my parents, this being the fifth. I was so happy to take this picture because they are so rare. I’m grateful for the two of them. Love you Mama Shawna! Love you Dad. Ya’ll be smooth.



  1. I was born with an extra finger.
  2. My favorite song growing up was “JUMP” by Kriss Kross.
  3. I don’t eat tomatoes but I like spaghetti.
  4. For years, I was afraid of Chucky Cheese (I’m probably still afraid that’s a big ass rat).
  5. I used to play tennis and run track. IMG_0435
  6. I busted my upper lip in the same spot twice.
  7. My favorite movie is “The Wiz.”
  8. My favorite food is fried chicken.
  9. I started skating at adult sessions when I was 12 years old.
  10. I’m afraid of cats. IMG_0434
  11. I used to dance like a white girl, but now I twerk everyday.
  12. My worst habit is eating habit is eating tons of ice-cream.
  13. Growing up I never had a curfew.
  14. A molester broke into my home once when I was home.
  15. Secretly I can cook, I just tell people that so I won’t have to do it.IMG_0437
  16. I got suspended in the eighth grade for laughing at my principal’s ignorance.
  17. I’ve only been in love one time.
  18. I almost failed the 6th grade.
  19. I can’t snap with my left hand.
  20. I forged my mother’s signature on multiple write-ups from teachers at school.
  21. When I first moved to NY all I had was 1,000 dollars worth of graduation money and close to 300 of that I spent on a pair of shoes. image
  22. I’m considered the “strong friend”, that’s funny, brutally honest, and loyal.
  23. I lost my virginity at 20 years old.
  24. I just found out the “compliment” and “complement” has two different meanings (Did you know that?).
  25. I only listen to trap music, R&B and James Brown.
  26. At 18, I was a victim of domestic violence.
  27. God and I are best friends.
  28. I used to cover my bald head and my butt. Now I refuse.


    FYI: This isn’t my butt…I’m not that open.

  29. I wrote this at 5am because I had nothing else to write about.
  30. I’m classy.
  31. I’m smart.
  32. I’m ratchet.
  33. I read books.
  34. I love to skate and dance (that might be the one thing you knew already).
  35. I’m human.



Dumbo Photoshoot

“It never rains in sunny California.” Yet, it seems to rain almost every other day, here in NYC. My nose is getting itchy and I’m started to speak like a 45 year-old man due to this allergy season. The weather is so awkward these days, and every morning I can’t figure out if I’m going to freeze my nipples off or be over dressed. Truly hoping that Mother Nature will soon get it’s act together and pick one season. They say it’s the springtime, but considering the weather, it feels more like an “in between time.” Regardless of my feelings, spring is officially here, which means that it is time for me to do some good ol’ spring-cleaning shawty. We are 3 months into the year, so for this cleaning spree we can all start by being real with ourselves about those new years resolutions, made in January. When I say spring-cleaning, I’m not just talking about the basics – like changing out your closet, cleaning up the house, and busting out those floral linens. This spring cleaning is more about cleaning my internal home, because these days clearing out the material things is the easier part. I don’t just want to clean my expensive ass apartment in Brooklyn. I want to get clean inside and out, incorporate some healthy foods, and take more control of my surroundings.

Dumbo Photoshoot

Dumbo Photoshoot by Sequoyah Daniel

For my spring-cleaning, of course I cleaned out my closet, but because I’m a semi-shopaholic that LITERALLY means that I’m only making space for more clothes. I did the small stuff like revamped my vision board and started making summer plans. Eventually, I got all technical and started cleaning out my electronic devices by removing things like unwanted selfies, unused apps, and giving my social media pages a face lift. Next, I challenged myself to take things up a notch by deleting phone numbers and text threads from toxic people, which feels AMAZING by the way. Taking these even further involved me doing some self-evaluations, figuring out who my real friends are and limiting how much and exactly what I give to people. Slowly but surely, I’m noticing the importance of quality versus quantity which my mom used to preach to me about. We will dig deeper into that part next post because it’s too real right now. Moving forward, hopefully my spring-cleaning results in an overflow of progression and slayage.

I have major plans of bouncing back like Big Sean, meanwhile embodying the ratchet ego of Future…“Chase a check, never chase a bi$@#” are definitely the words that will have me skipping stress-free through this blossoming season.


Future, I thank you – you the real MVP. No, seriously.



Dumbo Photoshoot

 For the longest my friends started presenting this bright idea about starting a blog. I always felt that it sounded like a good idea but just never knew how to start. In February 2016, I finally took everyone’s advice and started building the concept for my own lifestyle blog. The best suggestion I received was to take time with creating my blog and do it on my own time. It took me a month to create the layout for my blog using and it turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. When I started my blog there was a weird mix of emotions filled with excitement and nervousness. It’s kind of like when your mom tells you have to start paying your own phone bill. You know in the long run it will pay off but there is still apart of you that are in a state of shock.

 I never had huge expectations for my blog nor did I think that people would enjoy it as much as they do. I refused to study other blogs to insure that my blog would be completely original. All I knew was that it would be a creative outlet and that I would create it in a way that no one would enjoy/love it more than I would. I love art, fashion, writing and interviewing people which is exactly what I wanted my blog to display. I love blackness and black history, so I eventually found a way to incorporate the culture as well. So far my blog received great reception, thousands of views, and expanded my social network. Something that I appreciate most about my blog is that it gives me a platform to inspire and pay homage to special figures in my life.

 On March 11, 2016 I launched my blog with sweaty palms and all. Now I am a year in and super hype. I’m looking forward to showing more fashion ideas and getting more personal with you all. Thank you for all of the influence, support, and shares on social media. I’ll definitely keep this going and continue to grow. Yasssssssss!!! It’s my blogger-versary!! Round of applause, baby make that ____ clap!! Okay just kidding but not really. 

Dumbo Photoshoot



POWER       IN       THE      LAW      OF      ATTRACTION

Everything that you will read below is totally a free write. Sparked by fortunate events and a conversation that I had with a good friend and Spelman sister while eating in a crowded Chipotle. The photos of myself below were used to create a beautiful painting and hopefully more to come. I promise it’s not that much to read for all of those with a short attention spans like me. I hope you enjoy and get inspired!

Stepping into the new year I set a list of almost 30 goals. I probably changed my goal list just about every other day throughout the month of January. Yet, in the mist of all of these goals still trying to create a balance between taking control of my life and submersing myself in the process. Of course I accidentally reverted back to old habits like texting guys I promised myself to never talk to again or spending money that I should have saved. Eh, what the hell. It’s not called a journey for nothing right? Surprisingly, throughout all of the goal list madness I still managed to face some fears and expand my horizons creatively. Most importantly I somehow fell into the practice of the “law of attraction.” It was just last month that I was thinking and visualizing myself advancing in my career. Wondering how to spark the conversation with my boss about potentially receiving more responsibilities that I wasn’t even sure if I even deserved. Naturally, I started to put all of my “go-getter” energies into the universe, believing in myself, and watching things happen. 

All of a sudden everything clicked. The moment I stopped limiting myself and my expectations things really started to shift in a good way. Now lets just hope that all of these good vibes follow me in the men’s department and throughout the rest of the year. Whether the goals big or small we all can conquer them all. (Feeling how that last line rhymes)


On another random note, for some strange reason I have a feeling that I was created to be this strong force of light with the ability to uplift people. I’m noticing that there is something about my existence that has the power to shift a room. As soon as I figure out where exactly to channel this magic of mine, it’s over with. The world is mine. I’ll definitely elaborate more about where these thoughts came from on my next post. As of right now, it’s pretty late and I should be sleeping. Stay tuned!



Forgive me for all the lies I told myself.
Wrapping myself in the idea of you.
Failing to declare everything I ever wanted and everything I didn’t.
For you, accepting almost anything.
Forgive me for getting too comfortable.
As I sat back and watched you open up meanwhile neglecting to open my doors.
Searching for instant gratification and not letting things evolve.
Forgive me for listening to my friends.
Allowing my BFFS to tell my truths and untruths.
Listening to them instead of you.
Forgive me for lying to you.
Telling you things worked when they really didn’t.
Putting your ego before mine, pretending like my ego was missing.
Forgive me for not settling for your b.s.
Deleting you on social networks and being in my fe fe’s.
Being strong, realistic and free.
Forgive me for being real af.
Not for you but just for me.



The real tea is when I was 15 years old I had my whole life planned out. First, I would go to college, grad school, marry my college sweetheart and start having babies by 25. Of course none of that happened because my dreams of living the life of Carrie Bradshaw mysteriously intervened. So here I am 25 years old without a Valentine which leaves me with nothing better to do then to create my own dream date and tell you all about it (like you care anyway).

For starters, let’s just get the list of statements you all are going to say out of the way:

“Valentine’s day is a stupid holiday.”

“There is nothing wrong with spending Valentines Day alone.”

“You should celebrate love all year.”

“These guys ain’t sh#@ anyway.”

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blaaaaahhhhhhhhh

For my dream date I don’t want to dress up. Forget about the flowers, edibles arrangements, chocolates and teddy bears. All I need is for my face to be beat, a cat suit, and my favorite painted Timberlands. I can’t forget my door knockers because it’s the only Brooklyn way. I don’t need a fancy car; all I need is my metro card. I’m a simple girl with simple needs so for my dinner I’m going to Popeye’s. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What kind of ratchet date is this? Just hear me out because realistically no one loves me more than food right now. All I need is a 3 piece spicy, a side of Cajun fries, sweet heat sauce and a sprite. Once I’m all settled in my apartment I will turn on some classic “Carmen Jones” because in a real sense she taught us how to be a savage long before Rihanna (no shade Rhi Rhi, no shade). Every now and then I escape off into social media watch all of the Black Love having fun in my news feeds. To top it all off I’ll end the night with some self-made choreography to Solange’s True Album.Yes, my dream is filled with melanin, magic and more magic. To be continued……






I’m almost certain that if I ever tried to be your friend then we absolutely wouldn’t be. Somehow we managed to become friends and to my surprise being two undercover assholes just worked out for us. I never would’ve thought that a random girl I met in ATL on a skate trip would become my best friend/roommate/sister/everything depending on the weather and my feelings. You are the best designer I’ve ever seen which is exactly why you have to make all of my cat suits for the rest of my life.

I know we act like an old married couple sometimes but that just comes with the territory. You hold the title of being my text ghostwriter whenever I don’t know what to text back. Most importantly, you saved my life and kept me from giving up on my dreams of flourishing in the fashion industry. Thank you for letting me cry in your face and be dramatic. I appreciate all of our “Ratchet TV Mondays” and “Netflix Sundays” to the fullest. You taught me how to be a better friend and let me walk around naked everyday. What more can a girl ask for? I take off my earrings to fight for you and you help me shave my head. It all just works out that way.

Thank you for being brutally honest but never judgmental. Whenever I’m being modest you are always there to interrupt and explain to me or anyone else just how great I am. It annoys me sometimes how someone can have so much faith in me that I don’t have for myself. How could I ever repay you for always being my peace and helping me reach unimaginable dreams? I’ll twerk to some Rihanna and we can call it even. Keep being fabulous and taking over the world of intimate apparel. Go Best Fran!!!!


Sydney Shanaye


P.S. Just in case you didn’t know you are stuck with me forever. You know way too much of my business. Til’ death do us part shawty!



BLOSSOMING CREATIVES: How to Survive In A Basic World

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here are just a few friendly reminders that I wrote for myself as I continue to blossom as a creative. I decided to share my discoveries with the creative people working towards bringing their dreams to life. Every now and then it helps to be reminded that creativity is worth expanding in such a basic world.

Remember that greatness comes with time. Don’t rush your creative juices.

We live in a world where instant gratification is so necessary. It’s easy to get caught up in rushing ideas and the execution of creative projects.

When I first started creating my blog site, I realized the importance of patience in creativity. I noticed that whenever I took my time with acting on my creative ideas I had better results. Whatever creative projects you are working on make sure you take your time to insure you are creating your best work.


Talk less. Do More.

“Don’t talk about it, just do it.” Is exactly what my best friend responded as I was sharing one of my creative ideas with her on a train ride home. Ever find yourself sharing amazing ideas and forgetting to actually pursue them? Try your hardest to come up with ideas and then immediately create a plan to achieve them. Speaking your dreams into existence is just the beginning.

Don’t allow people to convince you to turn your creativity down. 

Do you and stay true to yourself. People will misread you all of the time so you might as well do what you want. Get acquainted with being misunderstood. Almost way too often people will tell you are over the top and you do too much. Let those people continue talking and carry on.


Do what you have to do until you can get where you want to be.

It’s okay that you aren’t working that fantastic job of your dreams or working for yourself. Learn what you can learn while working those jobs that you dislike going to everyday. Those same jobs are secretly preparing you to blossom creatively and you just don’t see it yet. Also, the jobs that you dislike might put the fire under your ass that causes you to be even more creative. Stay dedicated to those dreams day in and day out. You can lose a little sleep from time to time.

Find creative friends.

As a creative person you need to keep a creative set of friends. If you don’t have at least one then it’s time to find one. It’s very helpful when it comes to expanding those creative ideas you come up with on the daily. Also, it’s a great feeling to support others creativity as well.


Use social media to build your brand.

As a blossoming creative it is essential to put your social media skills to good use in order to create your plan. You never know who’s watching or you may be inspiring through these social platforms. Research yourself and figure out exactly what your social media accounts display about yourself. Allow your social media to show your most creative self.

Create creative goal list.

All throughout the year I create list of goals of all creative and non-creative I would love to accomplish. Since I’m turning 26 this year I wrote 26 things I would love to accomplish. For each month I try to accomplish at least 2-3 of those goals. I keep the list on my phone, in my diary, in planner at work. This way no matter where I am, my goals are always with me.

Creative goal list are super helpful because it’s away of holding yourself accountable. As you cross things out on your list you can visualize yourself progressing. It’s okay to change your list as many times as you want.


Read books and more books.

Reading books keeps expands your horizons and it keeps you informed. It’s always great to allow your mind to be taken to another place. The more you read the more you grow creatively. No matter the genre, get inspired. Books are the perfect creative getaways so make good use of them.




Over the past year I’ve developed this huge addiction to Erykah Badu’s music. Her music literally makes me want to climb a tree half naked and write my life away. Erykah’s baduizm has channeled an experience with my inner self that I’ve never experienced before. I listen to her albums on the daily especially Mama’s Gun. Badu’s entire existence is inspiring, her music fashion sense, performances, interviews and etc. What is there not to love about her? Here are just a few ways Erykah’s Baduizm has influenced me on the daily.


Her words made me more comfortable with being the black, bald headed girl with smarts and a big booty.

She speaks a language that made me realize that it’s okay constantly fall in and out of love with others, even yourself. It’s just apart of the process.

Now I have no remorse for being the classy, ratchet, country talking girl that wears cheap clothes that don’t match and funky platform shoes.

The Black experience is complex but most importantly it is beautiful.



She gave me giggles when she reminded me of all the guys that I could have but I don’t want. (Say Thank You Girl)

Expanded my writing skills and started doing some of my own poetry.

Now I walk proudly with my shaved head as if I’m in the “Didn’t You Know” video walking on white sand.


She inspired me to embrace all of my weirdness and abilities. 

Because of her I learned to embrace my obsession with trap, soul, and funk music.


Her music taught me how to set my own rules.

She changed my perspective on lavish wigs.

Time and time again she demonstrates the significance of being patient with her creativity.

The song “Window Seat” plays in my head every time I board a plane. I don’t want anyone sitting next to me and I’m not ashamed.




Are you considering moving to New York? Just visiting? It really doesn’t matter just read below. You will find some of the stuff no one really wants to tell you about fabulous life in NYC.

For starters, New York is a baaadddd bitch and she will knock you out if you let her.

In NY, it’s really all about your grind and determination that carries you through. Don’t allow the noise, hustle and bustle defeat you. You got this.


There are opportunities everywhere. You too can find a job. Don’t let the huge population and competitiveness deceive you.

 Yes, its true there a lot of people applying for the same jobs but don’t get discouraged. There is space for all of us to succeed in some way, shape, or form. You will catch your big break sooner or later. Patience and experience is everything.

Some friends you can literally count on one hand the amount of times you’ve seen them in a year.

Because realistically all people in New York are “extremely busy”. We really only see each other for birthdays and random nights out. No shade though, we just all get it.

New Yorkers are not mean people, they just hate tourist. Get over yourself.

 Let’s be honest. New Yorkers are on the move and they move quickly. They don’t have time for tourist abrupt stops in the middle of sidewalks to take pictures. It’s just way too many of them. Besides they walk around with those huge maps as if they don’t have iphones and still manage to ask us where to go. Don’t take it personal.

The real fashion inspirations come from the streets not magazines.

 At least most of us will agree.



Every day in New York is Halloween.

I mean let’s face it. Everybody wears a costumes Monday-Friday and on their days off. There is no such thing as looking crazy. This is a place where people swing around poles on the train and dance in streets. Every day is a freak show. Who cares?

Don’t ask someone that lives in New York, “What celebrities have you met?”

That’s. Just…A dumb question.

If you move to New York, you will lose your Metro Card with 30 day unlimited fare at least once and you will cry about it.

 Just the thought of repaying that lovely price of $116.50 gives you an immediate nervous breakdown no matter who’s watching. Oh, and I know what you’re thinking. “If I keep the receipt they can just give me a new one.” Um, no sweetie. It’s a long enough process for you to just buy a new one.

Life is good in NYC, but dating sucks.

Did I say dating sucks? But the food is good.



Every once and awhile you will meet a complete stranger. The two of you will instantly become BFF’s. You will exchange information. You will NEVER see that person again.

I know it sucks. It’s just so many of us. Don’t worry it will happen again.

A dollar slice of pizza will become necessary for long nights or broke days.

Don’t let the dollar amount from 2 Bros Pizza fool you. Those slices are good as hell. *Licks fingers*



Our life is paying rent. Duhhhhhh

 I don’t really want to go into much detail on this topic. Just know that every first of the month there is a funeral for my rent check. Sometimes your landlord will let it sit in your bank account for way too long. Okay. I’m done here.

There is no such thing as really knowing how to get around.

 People that live in NY get lost all of the time. Probably 65% percent of the time we really don’t know where we are going. This is why we have a million different apps to help us find our way. Can you believe we still get lost anyway?

People that live in New York do not hang out in Times Square.

 We only take our tourist friends and family members there to look cool and take pictures.



Lunch is $10 or more, so be prepared to start looking up those recipes.

Cook your own shit or you die of hunger.

People that live in NY live for brunches, free trips to the museum, and rooftops.

 This is all we need in life.

 People that live in New York, will really choke a bi$** at a sample sale.

 Sometimes stepping into a sample sale is like stepping into a lion’s den. Once you reach a point where you have sample sales that you must attend every year then you have a serious problem.

The bodega (corner store) is our Wal-Mart.

The bodega has everything you need. Yes, whatever you just thought about the bodega has inside. The only thing missing is self-checkout. The bodega is secretly better than Wal-Mart. The bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches along with a coffee for a few coins just might change your life.

Man we really do love this expensive ass place.





THE WAKE UP: Featuring all the encouraging words that guided me as I approached 25 years of age.


  1. Learn how to move forward with your heart and your brain.
  2. Always walk with your head held high.
  3. Don’t jeopardize your pride and dignity for insignificant souls.
  4. “Protect your heart.”
  5. “Live in hope, not in despair.”
  6. Know who your friends are.
  7. Words and actions go hand and hand. You really need both.
  8. People will shit on you. It happens. Make note of it and move on.
  9. Never set limits to your dreams.
  10. “Don’t cover yourself up for nobody.”img_4638
  11. There is a difference between being truly valued and someone liking the idea of you.
  12. “It’s your life, don’t you forget.”
  13. In order for others to perceive you as beautiful you have to believe it yourself first.
  14. Don’t be afraid to embrace your gifts.
  15. It’s okay not to have it all figured out.
  16. Eliminate your fear of flight. Eliminate your fear of falling.
  17. “Don’t let anybody still your magic.”
  18. You are a shining star. Only you can dim the light.
  19. “You gotta imagine what’s never been.”
  20. “Que sera sera.”
  21. Worry less, love more.
  22. “Hope is a positive expectation of good things in your life.”
  23. “Your vision creates your vision.”
  24. “Think about where you are in life. Would you ever think that you would have made it this far?”
  25. You are a shining star. Only you can dim the light.img_4644



The recap of all things unapologetically black, lit, and that gave me my life in 2016!



Afro Punk was literally the best way to end the summer. If you have never been to Afro Punk while Black then you definitely haven’t lived. This literally gave me so much LIFE. Amazing melanin flowing, performances, art, good food, dance moves, and of course lots of photos. The Internet, Tyler the Creator, Janelle Monae, Nikki Giovani, and Ice Cube blessed the stage. Simply amazing!!


Word of advice don’t wear sandals to Afro Punk….LMAO  I was still cute tho.


Too Black Girls skated for police brutality #slayage




Janelle Monae..My favorite performance the definition of being unapologetically Black. She baptized herself on stage. Life.Life.. and more life.


Thank you AFRO PUNK


FEELIN’ MYSELF-steps towards self love

Featuring Relationship Blogger Chloe Howard and Fashion Blogger Micaela Verrelien


On a friday night, mixed with strong drinks and good food the three of us had a discussion about relationships and self-love. We decided to start a mini series on self-love as we work to achieve it ourselves.

“Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Starting over can bring on a mysterious feeling that takes your body a moment to adjust to. It’s a time where your mind body and spirit have to realign and distance themselves from the familiarity they have grown so accustomed to.

Chloe did the honors of sharing some questions that we all should start asking ourselves. Let’s do this whole rediscovery thing together and figure out what makes us happy. Not who and with who but what? The following questions are for us to develop responses to, so let’s get thing self-love thing started…

  1. Look in the mirror, are you automatically doubting your appearance and looking to enhance what you think are flaws? Do you think you are beautiful? Are you rating your own looks?  
  2. This year…what do you want out of yourself? What changes do you want to see in you spiritually mentally and physically and even creatively.
  3. What does your health look like…how can we make it close to perfection. What are your additions.
  4. Are you happy in your career? What are you good at and how will you make sure you build a career out of it?
  5. Financially are you good? Independently. What needs to be done in order for you to make steps toward financial stability.
  6. In your love life, are you happy? Is the sex keeping you and carrying him/her?
  7. When you look in the mirror are you seeing something familiar or is there a stranger staring back?
  8. Are you okay with being alone?
  9. When is the last time you invested in yourself? What was that investment and how are you nurturing it?
  10. What makes you laugh what makes you smile and what makes you cry? Is it a person and how frequent is it.


We know these get pretty deep and personal but we need answers.

We are always in this together. We are not perfect and fuck perfection it’s boring anyway.

We just want us to be the best us that we can be. No one else is going to do it for us.

So who are you vibing with? Are you down to ride? Are you really trying to know yourself?



My father-tree includes short tales about how the Black men impacted a young black girls’ life in a great way. We live in a world where for hundreds of years Black men have been categorized as inferior, incompetent, criminals, and dead beat fathers. As the issues of police brutality and the negative images of its victims are constantly over-flooding our time lines hopefully this gives influences better views.

Originally, I planned to post this on Father’s day but I didn’t feel that it was perfect. I convinced myself that the following year I would post and “do things the right way.” On July 15th I lost my grandfather and August 1st I lost my uncle both whom played a pivotal role in my life. I wish they were both here to have the opportunity to read this. Special thanks to my Grandpa John and Uncle Bono. Rest in Paradise! Love you both!

Grandpa John-My grandpa. His name is John Harrison but to me he’s Grandpa John. He has to be the wisest man on earth. The first man I ever loved. As a kid I would ask “Grandpa why is your belly so big?” and he would say “From eating too much peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I refuse to wear fake jewelry in his presence just to avoid him saying “Girl, where you get that jewelry from? The cracker jack box.” He always reminds me to humble and to keep a J.O.B. He taught me the importance of keeping faith and trusting in God. One thing that he told me that I will never forget is to “live in hope and not in despair.” I want to thank him for always loving and supporting me. Thank him for taking off his oxygen cords to take selfies with me (that’s real love). Thank him for not yelling at me all the times I hacked his cellphone to put my face as his screensaver. Thank him for giving me drive and ambition. He is the reason I survived and I thank him. RIP Grandpa John

Uncle Bono– My great-uncle. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man with the levels of joy that he has regardless of his circumstances. As a painter he taught me to always take pride in my work. He took me everywhere with him in his station wagon. He was the first man to ever give me a pet. One day he brought home two turtles which I had for less than 24 hours because in his words “two bad-ass twins stole them.” I swear if I called him right now he would bring up those turtles and the twins that stole them. It’s because of him that I learned that it pays always be kind and generous. When I was younger he fell off a ladder and was paralyzed from the waist down. Changed our lives forever but never changed his high-spirits. RIP Uncle Bono

Uncle Anthony-My great-uncle. I know his footsteps. I could always tell when he was in the neighborhood because I could hear his engine roaring, setting off every car alarm on the street. He’s the first man that introduced me to Italian fiesta. He’s the first person that I’ve ever heard before any rap artist to desensitize the word “nigga.” He taught me the difference between book smarts and street smarts, in his eyes you need both to survive. No matter what he always demanded respect. There was no such thing as shaking your head when you spoke to him. You were only allowed to respond yes or no.What I love most about him is his honesty, love, demand for respect and his signature laugh.

Rashawn– My cousin. Rashawn also known as BoBo. Before there was anything “cool” there was Rashawn. A cool, laidback, hard-workin’ type of guy. The only thing we ever fussed over was him managing to kill my two birds. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the birds names because I changed them every other day. I won’t share how he killed them (died from inhaling certain plant) but just know that I never had the proper funeral arrangements. Despite our “bird” issues I always admired his honesty and his ability to be a great father. So family orientated and knows how to give praise when it’s due. He’s the first guy that introduced me to being unapologetically righteous. If you ever sit and talk to him you can expect to learn a lot.

Uncle Delancey-My mother’s half brother. To everyone else he was Delancey but to me he will always and forever be Uncle Jordan. I called him Uncle Jordan because he was super tall with a bald-head. Together we would blast the latest hip-hop music and dance. We even created a game to see who could scare each other the most. He’s the first man that introduced me to the flea market and I will never forget the rolls royce Barbie car he bought me from there. He taught me the importance of Mexican corn in a cup with cheese, mayo, and paprika. He is the reason I learned to be unapologetically silly. RIP Uncle Jordan

Charlie– My grandfather from another father. Most call him Charlie but I call him Char-laye. A man of Morehouse. An amazing artist and tennis player. I’m convinced that he knows everything and is the king of all great conversations.He appreciates good music, books, and films. He drives extremely slow sometimes. He showed me the importance of art and nature. I’m blessed to be his adopted grandchild. Sidebar: If you really want to party, there’s no party without Charlie.

Henry-My biological father. The first Black lawyer that I’ve ever met. A man of Morehouse and Syracuse Law School graduate. A go-getter. Extremely smart. Fashionable. Humble. He’s basically my twin. A huge supporter of my decision to move to NY to work in the fashion industry and told me “fuck grad school.” If you ever think I’m silly or a lil cray it all comes from him. It’s because of him that I’m never afraid to have extended conversations with strangers. He’s the turn up King and I’m the princess. The reason I have a passport. Introduced me to the love of basketball and sushi. It’s because of him I’ve learned the impact of forgiveness and the courage to build a relationship with my biological father. It’s never too late.

Uncle Malik– One of my biggest supporters. He’s a man of Morehouse and Sigma. You’ll prolly find his comments and post all over my social media and blog. I appreciate him for all the times he set aside to visit me on fried chicken Wednesdays at Spelman. Making sure I didn’t leave Atlanta without my degree in hand. It always good to know when good people are in your corner. I’ll work hard to continue to make you proud and to do what fits me. Thank you for supporting all of my creativity.

Uncle Eric– My god-father. Always willing to share his life experience and especially his amazing food. He was the person who taught me how to carry myself as a young lady in high-school to attract the “right” guys. He’s a jack of all trades, he can cook you food, put your hair in a ponytail, give you a dance lesson, and fix anything. I appreciate all of the times he picked me up from school and showed all the shortcuts on the South-side. A co-worker asked me about Chicago’s BBQ and my response was “I only eat my Uncle Eric’s BBQ. A fourth of July in Chicago is nothing without him.

Pedro– My father for play-play. Everybody on the South-side of Chicago is convinced that this man is my real father. Mainly because we are both light-skinned with brown hair. No, all light-skinned people don’t look alike but we actually do. He’s the first florist, designer, and entrepreneur that I’ve ever met. He’s supplied clothes for my first high school fashion show and does awesome decorations for prom. I consider him the king of creativity that stays on point from head to toe. Special shout out to him for always getting me my 6 piece w/ lemon pepper from Harold’s Chicken for me. He knows how much food brings joy to my heart. In his eyes I am his daughter and I’m honored. P.S. He’s low key really good at playing Uno but of course he learns from the best…Me duhhhhhhh. 

Jessie– My mother’s best-friends husband. He takes so much pride in the fact that I’m the little girl that taught him the Barney song. I don’t anyone should ever live life without singing that song at least once to someone. He’s the first man that introduced me to artistic expression. I’m convinced he deserves his own interior design show on HGTV. All I remember as a child is his strong ability to transform a room. Whenever I spent time with him and his daughter there was no such thing as no. Even if it meant taking us to Mcdonald’s with sports bras on (laughing out loud). He’s one of the family oriented people that I know.

Uncle Mike– My mother’s brother from another mother. To me he will always and forever be my Uncle Mike. He doesn’t play around and especially not with me. He’s the true definition of a protector that loves his family. He took care me when I was at summer camp. He’s the first guy I’ve met with one of the dopest sound systems. He’s super cool and is the Crown Black King.

Tommy– My next door neighbor in Princeton Park. Our apartments were attached but I basically lived with the Johnson’s. He thought I was genuinely hilarious which was why he didn’t mind me stopping by pretty much everyday. Even though I was just a neighbor he treated me as if I was his own. From time to time he would take on the task of making me egg and jelly sandwiches for breakfast which pretty much made my days great. I have to thank him for all the times he took me to school when I definitely didn’t want to walk in the snow. I’ll never forget the parties he had that were always hella fun. Love you. Thank you Tommy!

Darnell-My skate father. He always looked out for me in and out of the skating rink. He’s a huge part of the reason why I started skating at adult sessions by at least 13. As a child my routine was to sit in the dj booth for almost an hour to crack jokes with him and it still is. I never take care of my skates so I can always rely on him to fix them once they start breaking down. He’s always been there to challenge me to do moves that could possibly break all of my limbs. I admire his appreciation for good music and service to others. He was always willing to DJ at my high-school functions making them super fun.

Johhny-He’s my besties daddy but I’m basically his adopted child. The ultimate rasta with the longest dreads in the world. I personally think his obsession with Adidas and Keith Harring is pretty inspiring. We both have the same appreciation skating and we love to submerse ourselves in the crowd. I’m still trying to grasp his Jamaican accent but I’m still pretty terrible. I appreciate him for telling me I’m unstoppable and how I need to go skating even though I’m really enjoying my hiatus. I have to thank him an addition to his family and making me laugh hysterically.


AWKWARD OFFICE MOMENTS-(Just a few of my awkward moments, when really this list can go on forever.)

Getting caught mouthing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” lyrics.



That awkward time I had to explain to my boss that I roller-skate and that I was going to a national skate party.

The awkward conversations discussing how I dress. “It’s just different.”

Spilling my entire cup of hazelnut coffee all over a stack of work.

Being the only person in the office that missed the email stating that we would leave at 1PM the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

In the mist of listening to Rocko’s song U.O.E.N.O, I randomly made an outburst reciting the lyrics “drink up.”



Explaining that I’m from Chicago, went to college in Atlanta, and moved to NYC without sounding like a Nomad.

That one time my chair rolled away from my big ass and I almost fell to the floor.

Walking the streets of NYC after lunch with my VP and coworkers. A random guy starts yelling at me from across the street saying “Hey Blondie! Don’t act like you don’t know me.” Of course I had never seen this guy a day in my life.

That moment when my heels buckled in front of the entire office and I almost snapped my neck trying to avoid falling.

That awkward when you have to figure out a nice way to ask for your supplies back that someone borrowed from you.


Statements such as “you look like a smaller version of Amber Rose” are always and forever awkward.

That moment when everyone in the office is wondering who’s food smells good. Only to find out that its food that you cooked.

Explaining my haircut along with the fact that I once had “longer hair.”

That time when someone ask you what you went to school for and it has absolutely nothing to do with fashion.

Explaining Black culture and jokes.


The time I convinced my co-worker that the copy machine was malfunctioning only to find out that it was only missing paper.

That moment when I sent an email stating “Please see the attachment” and I completely forget to attach the file.

That moment when someone trips really hard in front of your desk and you try to act like you didn’t see it.

When you accidentally turn the office in to a mini hair-braiding tutorial session.


I’m convinced this book started all of my random hair braiding issues.

That moment when you are trying to explain to your co-workers why the Beyonce concert is so important and life-changing.

When you get all the way to work only to realize that your shirt is actually see through.

When you forget to put your text message alert on silent and it when it goes off the office almost jumps out of their seats.

When you realize you have 10 minutes left to work so you just start shuffling papers around.

The fact that I created this list. awwkkkkkkkwwaaaaarrrdddddddd



resting bitch face definition:

1.“a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to.”

2. a natural and/or formulated facial expression that makes a person(s) appear to be frustrated, annoyed, mean or unapproachable. The resting bitch face expression has been in many cases deceiving as well.

EX: Nah, she’s just got a resting bitch face, she’s actually really sweet.


See chart below for a few rested bitch face cases:

1. Unwanted conversations 1. Anytime before 7am
2. Reaction to other bitch faces 2. In a long grocery store line.
3. In the process of throwing shade 3. Running late
4. Your ex/enemy walks in the room 4. Anytime when its sunny and over 85 degrees outside
5. Paying bills/ specifically Sallie Mae 5. In deep thought/day dreaming
6. Bad date 6. Genetically inherited

In a real sense, we don’t really know people’s lives or their circumstances. Determining the science behind the resting bitch face is still being investigated. Based on scientific research all we can say is that there is a resting bitch face deeply embedded within all of us whether natural or unnatural. Scientist have determined that the resting bitch face should be used carefully and with limitations. Let’s refrain from categorizing people because they appear “mean” don’t let the bitch face deter you from getting to know these people.

If you don’t how to give the resting bitch face feel free to practice the examples below.

If you need to figure out if the resting bitch face is honest just ask the individual questions like:

“How are you?”

“How are you feeling today?”

“How is your day going?”

These three questions are simplistic ways to determine if sh** is real. As the person is responding to these questions pay close attention to tone and body language.


P.S. This is not to be taken seriously. Laugh a little bruh.


ADVENTURES OF A SPELMAN WOMAN: A life-changing experience and my discoveries.


Photography by Daunte Frazier

The experience of building a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. There is almost nothing like it.

The impact of speaking with confidence and walking with your head held high.

The power within Sister’s Chapel.

The value of celebrating, embracing, and supporting women of color.

The purity and grace behind the color white.

An appreciation for Southern-rap culture.

How to survive with out air conditioning in Hot Atlanta.

Time management vs. procrastination.

The AUC unity gives you life.

The power behind giving a kick ass presentation with your peers.

Food places like Busy Bee’s, American Deli, The Beautiful, and Mr. Everything keep you taste buds alive and raging.

To appreciate the West End Mall and all that it has to offer.

The honor of being in the presence of Alice Walker, Pearl Cleage, Angela Davis, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, and Phylicia Rashad are just unforgettable. 


Photography by Daunte Frazier

There is nothing like a good Morehouse Man.

Studying abroad in Ghana was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life.

If you can make it through Spelman’s African Diaspora of the World course then you can survive through anything.

The true meaning of what it means to be a Black woman in America.

The appropriate responses to racism.

To accept the fact that I was destined to be a creative agent of change.

All Spelman women are not the same but we all share one goal, which is to change the world.


Photography by Daunte Frazier



This is a special mother’s day card for my mom. Just a few thank you’s for all of the awesome things she’s done for me. Enjoy! #shegetitfromhermama



Thank you for telling me my first words were “I’m hungry,” even though I think that’s just a story you tell to demonstrate how greedy I am.

Thank you for all of the times you braided my hair and yelled at me for being “tender headed” (I think that made me stronger).

Thank you for teaching me how to jump double-dutch and making me come inside when the streetlights come on.

Thank you for all the days you refused to go out in public with me because you thought I dressed crazy.

Thank you for introducing me to all genres of music especially funk, house, hip& hop and R&B.

Thank you for preaching to me about the importance of speaking proper English even though majority of the time I still don’t.

Thank you for calling me “Little Sydney” my entire life as if another Sydney existed in your life.


I will never forget this day. I sat down all day at the baby sitter just so I wouldn’t mess up my clothes for this picture. My favorite throwback. #atllife

Thank you for embracing Lil Boosie and Lil Webbie with me so I’m not alone.

Thank you for never giving me a curfew which I never took advantage of because I was too afraid of you to use it. Besides, what kid in Chicago didn’t have a curfew?

Thank you for teaching how to throw a good party.

Thank you for letting me stay in Atlanta for the summers to play tennis.

Thank you for only allowing me to play with Black dolls so that I would be forced to understand the true essence of black women’s beauty.

Thank you for teaching me how to dance.

Thank you for forcing me to go skating and paying me $1 for skate moves.

Thank for telling me I was going to Spelman College and I didn’t have a choice.


HH PHI BETA! Classic photo of my mom at Spelman

Thank you for making me wear those super annoying snow suits in the winter time.

Thank you for letting me have all of those massive sleepovers.

Thank you for telling me to treat my step-mom as if she was my mother. I don’t think would have a great relationship without you.

Thank you for going to see the Between the Sheets tour with me even though you were only interested in seeing Chris Brown.

Thank you reminding me to always be kind to people even when I want to be petty.

Thank you for making me creative.


We was cute or whateva. She swear we don’t look alike.

Thank you for telling me I wasn’t a bad kid even though everyone else thinks so.

Thank for never getting me a dog because in reality I didn’t want to take care of it anyway.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of independence.

Thank you for giving me all of my epic facial expressions.


I’m not sure about what’s happening here. I think we both look confused.

Thank you for me being clumsy.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of Black art, writers, and history.

Thank you introducing me the movie “The WIZ.”

Thank you for telling me that everyone isn’t my friend.

Thank you for all of the times you failed to understand popular slang.

Thank you for making me stand up for myself whenever people mistreated me.

Thank you for being my ride or die.


The Real G’s

Thank you for letting me call you Mishawna in public so people could think we were sisters because deep down we really are.

Thank you for teaching me how to laugh when I fall.

Thank you for celebrating my accomplishments big or small.

Thank you for allowing a village to raise me.

Thank you for telling me I’m special even though I think that’s just a nice way of calling me crazy.

Thank you for being my Mama Shawna. 💯 Love you!!


Heeeyyyyyyy Shawty lol


GOOD READS- written by women of color




























by Sydney Blaylock and Madhuri Blaylock


Reasons to avoid the use of the term “chiraq” and start embracing CHICAGO again…


  1. Chicago is a city in Illinois, not chiraq.
  2. Chicago has three world-renowned nicknames: “The Windy City”, “Chi-Town”, and in the words of Kanye “Chi-City.”
  3. Chicago is the third largest city in the country, yet probably the most segregated.
  4. The first Black Mayor of Chicago was Harold Washington and the cause of his death is still technically a mystery.
  5. Because Chicago is called the Windy City because of politics, not the weather.
  6. Because Chicago has some of the best architecture.
  7. How could you forget about Navy Pier?
  8. The home of some of the best food: barbeque, Harold’s Fried Chicken Shack (salt & pepper, lemon pepper,and mild sauce), food in Greek town, Deep Dish Pizza, Home of the Hoagy (steak fries w/ steak sauce. OMG!), Maxwell’s, J&J FISH, Pizza Capri, and The Original Garrett’s Popcorn.image
  9. The countless deaths due to gun violence and black on black crime are in no way, shape, or form celebratory.
  10. Because despite Kanye West twitter rants and excursions with the Kardashians he is one of the best hip-hop artist and producers of all time. image
  11. Can’t forget our festivals: African Festival, Lollapalooza, House Party Picnic, Dancing in the Park Festival , and the Taste of Chicago.
  12. What about the Bud Billiken Parade and the Jackie Robinson Parade?
  13. The home of Emmett Till, 14 year old boy killed by white racist in Mississippi for whistling at a white woman in 1955.
  14. Chicago is where Oprah Winfrey changed the history of television.
  15. Because Rhymefest is underrated.
  16. Because the senseless killings in Chicago is actually a sensitive topic and a big deal.
  17. Chicago has a beautiful skyline, lakefront, and beach!
  18. Chicago has some of the best thrift shopping and antique shops.
  19. Because gentrification only removes people of color out of the city of Chicago.
  20. Because no other rap artist can rhyme like Twista, Shawna, and Crucial Conflict. image
  21. The dance scene is amazing-stepping, roller-skating, footworking, perculator (you aint ready).
  22. Chicago has some of the great museums: Museum of Science and Industry, The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Dusable Museum of African American History etc.
  23. Because if you can conquer Chicago’s winters then you can survive anything.
  24. Because you wouldn’t want the place that you call home to be compared to a place where America held a ridiculous war.
  25. Because it’s unsafe for young Black children to play outside.
  26. Can’t forget about Soldier Field.
  27. Because the term “chiraq” deems self-hatred, gun violence, and gangs as socially acceptable.
  28. Chicago’s music scene is developing a sound incorporating hip-hop and soul music-home of Chance the Rapper, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Jack Red.
  29. Because people like Sandra Bland still need justice.
  30. Because President Obama and Michelle Obama raised their family in Hyde Park. image
  31. Because all of this stems from segregation, classism, and lack of proper education which has existed since the great migration.
  32. You can take a walk along the Magnificent Mile.
  33. The art scene is crazy.
  34. Because Chicago’s influence on the history of jazz and blues is unforgettable.
  35. Because the advertising, film, and production industry there is incredible.
  36. Because Chicago is the home of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce.
  37. Because the immediate categorization in social settings is just down right unfair.
  38. Because the violence issues in Chicago are just some sad story to share in your social media newsfeeds.
  39. How can we ever forget the impact of Gwendolyn Brook’s poetry and depictions of Blackness in Chicago?
  40. Because Spike Lee should have never made that film especially due to his lack of information.image
  41. Because I fear for my family and friends lives.
  42. Because the way Richard Wright’s book “Native Son” and Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” paints the image of the suffrage of Blacks in Chicago still exist today.
  43. Because the term Chiraq presents Blacks as incapable creatures that have no sense of control.
  44. Because we deserve better and we need to do better.
  45. Because I promise you if you ever lost anyone to gun violence in Chicago you wouldn’t be such a fan of the term “chiraq” either.



The phrase “bitch please…I got dreams” is a phrase that denounces anything or anyone that attempts to interfere with a person’s dreams. Now that we are three months into 2016 and determining if those new years resolutions are truly being put to use. If not, don’t stress yourself. Hopefully, today’s mini tutorial on how to work towards those dreams helps.


There are many ways to organize and write out your goals but below are just a few different tips:

  1. At the beginning of this year, I was influenced to choose one word that I needed to work on that would guide me throughout the year. The word that I decided I needed to work on for 2016 is “commitment.”  I decided to write the word on my calendar, in my phone, and on my desk at work. This way I’m constantly reminded of what I need to work on. So far I can honestly say I’m doing fairly well. There are a few kinks that I still need to work out but overall I’m proud of my success so far.  Comittment

2. I decided to write a dream list of 25 things to do before I turn 25. This dream list includes personal, professional, and spiritual goals. I keep the list on my phone, written in my journal, and planner. This way I can always see the list and check off my achievements as I complete them. One thing I noticed is that goals constantly change. It’s okay to make edits to the list. My goal is to make a dream list every year.

Check my dream list: 25 things to do before 25

1. Pray more/write to God✔️
2.find a job in the fashion industry that will help build my career.✔️
3.Build a social network. Meet more creative people.✔️
4. Travel outside the country.
5. Read books on the train ride home.✔️
6. Take a tour bus of NYC.
7. Get a tattoo.
8. Get back into styling.
9. Do your own painting.
10. Work on patience and pettiness.
11. Create business cards.✔️
12. Inspire someone.✔️
13. Go bald again.
14. Go ice skating.
15. Visit the Empire State Building
16. Get a piercing✔️
17. Go to trap karaoke
18. Go to a concert✔️
19. Adjust wardrobe✔️
20. Start a new blog✔️
21. Host an event.
22. Learn how to meditate
23. Go to a dance class (african, pole, heels or all)
24. Save money✔️
25. Do everything with love/work on commitment

3. Often time’s people write these long lists of dreams and never define ways of achieving them. Try making a goal outline including five short-term goals, long-term goals and rules to live by. When creating your outline don’t forget to include the possible paths you will/need to take to reach your goals. If you don’t know how to reach your goals then now is the proper time to do the research.


Hopefully, my mini dream tutorial helps! Please share your dreams and if any of the methods above work for you. Good luck dreamers!



I’ve been roller-skating basically my entire life. My mother introduced me to roller-skating at the age of 2 and it’s been something special that we share ever since. The ritual was to go skating every friday night at “The Rink” on 87th in Chicago’s South Side. We even wore matching outfits, long before I starting wearing matching catsuits with my close friends.



The moment I realized I truly enjoyed skating was during a school field trip to the skating rink. I was in kindergarten and my mom had just purchased a pair of white and pink Chicago roller-skates. I just remembered being so amazed by how well the older kids skated. I was also terrified because all of the kids were skating so fast and the skate guard was a complete asshole. So instead I stayed on the little floor with a chaperon who taught me how to skate backwards for the first time. The rest was history.

I’m considered a JB skater which is a Chicago-style of skating. The term originates from the God-father of soul James Brown. Growing up I roller-skated to James Brown music, JB tracks (also known as skate remixes), hip-hop, rock & roll, funk, and R&B. Throughout my skate experience I’ve had a wide range of teachers in which I’ve learned both old school and new school forms of skating. Much respect to Ebony, she taught me the basics of JB and the importance of practice. Also to the unforgettable Michelle Allen, she taught me to be a risk-taker and to skate like the boys but to always remain smooth and sexy while doing it.



For the longest I was embarrassed about my roller-skating talents. Mainly because roller-skating wasn’t considered “cool.” All of my classmates had better things whether it was joining a dance team, juking, footworking etc. Meanwhile, at 12 years old I was sneaking into adult skating sessions to do cartwheels and splits.

Throughout high-school and college I made it a habit of doing majority of my creative class projects on roller-skating. I also started traveling for skating which is the highlight of my skate-life. I get to wear dope outfits with my friends. Thrive off of the crowd’s energy. I skate all night until my legs are sore.



Even though I’ve done so many great things with roller-skating such as class-projects, performances, and videos. There is still nothing like going back home to Chicago and skating to a combination of old-skool and new skool music.

Roller-skating is my only work-out and partially a huge reason why I can still wear the same clothes from high-school. It keeps my energy flowing and it’s a great stress reliever. I can’t go into depth about all aspects of roller-skating because most things only skaters can understand.




My hair story includes almost every hairstyle you can think of but the most life-changing hairstyle was my decision to go short and natural.

Check out my hair story as well as some frequently asked questions for a bald headed girl like myself.


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Q: What made you cut all of your hair off?

A: Actually, I cut my hair off twice. The first time I cut my hair off was because I was going to study abroad in Ghana for a semester and I didn’t want to worry about my hair. Also, this was my version of being a spontaneous and rebellious young adult.

During my senior year at Spelman, I grew my hair back and went through a hair braiding phase. Once that was over I realized that I really wasn’t comfortable with having short hair. I was too caught up in everyone else’s standards of beauty instead of focusing on my own.

Later on I took a class that introduced me to the author and playwright Pearl Cleage along with her amazing book “What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day.” In the book the main character Ava had short hair and she tells a young girl “only free women wear their hair like this.” I immediately said to myself “I want to be a free woman.” I went the hair salon but this time I went completely bald and dyed it blonde…The rest was history.

Q: Did any celebrity’s short hair looks inspire you?

A: Yes, I started off being obsessed with Chrisette Michelle and Solange’s hair transformations. It wasn’t until I considered going bald that I started looking at Amber Rose for hair style and color ideas. Of course I followed Lupita Nyong’o, V. Bozeman, Goapele, and Erykah Badu.



Q: What were people’s reactions like when you first cut your hair off?

A: Some loved it and some hated it. Overall, I think people were just as confused as I was and more so worried about my sexuality and how I would be perceived by society. The most special reaction was my Grandma Geraldine’s, I call her Mama Dine for short. When she found out I cut my hair off she called, cursing me out and called me a lesbian. Funny thing is it only took her maybe a few months later to decide to cut her hair off too. Now her new version of the story is “if my grand-baby Boobie can cut hers then I can do.” Every now and then just to be a pain in the ass I like to remind her about how she cursed me out and then had the nerve to copy me. She told me she’s never growing her hair back and she shouldn’t because it looks great on her.



Q: How is it in the workforce now that you have short and natural?

A: I remembered hearing testimonies of people in corporate spaces telling Black women with natural hair that it looked untamed. I work in the fashion industry where they tend to accept diverse looks and hairstyles. Yet, there may have been times that I’m sure I didn’t get jobs because of the way I look, who really knows. I’ve realized that if you can do the work people will accept you in the workforce regardless of the style. I’ve witnessed so many African-American women with short natural hair succeed whether they are authors, actresses, or CEO’s of fortune 500 companies. It doesn’t matter, if you put your mind to it you can do it.

Q: Now that you have no hair do men still find you attractive?

A: I’ve dealt with with a wide array of perspectives. I once dated someone that didn’t like my short hair at the time but I’m almost certain that he’s punching himself in the face right about now. I’ve also met guys that are blown away. For me personally, as a woman with short hair, this is the most I’ve been hit on by both men and/or women ever in my life. It almost seems like there are no restrictions for who I attract. I receive a lot of respect when I walk down the streets of NYC. I like to think it inspires people and challenge their perceptions of beauty. Of course I get called Amber Rose like every other day. Whether blonde or not, but it’s all good.



Q: So now that you have short hair does this mean you like girls now?

A: No, I’m not interested in dating girls. Just because you have short hair does not automatically mean that you are a lesbian or bisexual. I think it’s really old school if you are walking around categorizing people’s sexuality based on how they wear their hair. It’s 2016.

Q: Do you think all Black girls should be natural?

A: No, I think that everyone should wear their hair in a way that feels comfortable. I do believe that it’s healthier to have natural hair, but if you want to wear a long-Brazilian weave, red-hair, short hair, long hair then do as you please. I realized the more I cut my hair less I felt inclined to categorize people or judge someone else’s hair decisions. For some odd reason people think I’m this huge advocate for natural hair solely but I’m not.

I think women should take care of their hair in a way that works best for them. At the same time I do think as women we should be more conscious about hair decisions. Ask yourself am I doing this hairstyle because I like it or because it’s socially acceptable? Be cautious towards becoming a slave to trends such as Youtube tutorials, hair products, and never allowing people to see the real you without a weave. People are going to judge and categorize you no matter what you look like whether you like it or not. In my eyes hair is just like an accessory and women should be allowed to wear it freely. Besides, hair is a billion-dollar business that is dictated by our perceptions. When we change, the ads will change.

Q: Why do you wear wigs?

A: Because it’s fun. My head gets cold in the winter. Besides, it brings out my inner Beyonce.



Q: Will you ever grow your hair back?

A: Probably not. It’s much easier to deal maintain short hair and it’s cheaper. Most likely if I want long hair again then I’ll just put on a nice wig or grow dreads.

Q: What would you consider some of your biggest hair mistakes?

A: Perming my hair, but technically I can’t take all the blame for that one. Adding pink hair extensions to my hair. Dying my hair red. Letting one of my cousins cut my hair after a long night of partying in ATL. Wearing tight and stingy pony-tails with extensive amounts of gel. Wearing super tight braids and flat twist. Wearing feather wraps that made me look like a granny. Wishing I had long hair.

Q: What advice would you give women that are considering doing the big chop?

A: It definitely takes gigantic balls to do it. If you ever decide to do it, do it for you. My biggest mistake was asking other people opinions about my decision, especially men. Don’t be afraid. You are going to cry, you are going to feel ugly, its just apart of the process. It’s definitely not for everybody but if you decide to do it hopefully you enjoy the experience as much as I do. Even if you don’t want to chop your hair off it’s always fun to make small changes and be a little courageous. No matter what love yourself no matter what your hair looks like.


Any other questions?



My friend’s and I decided to host a small gathering in order to sell and exchange clothes with some close friends. The event was such a success that we had plenty of clothes left to donate to the homeless.

Below I’m sharing a few highlights and tips if you ever decide to host a sale of your own. Take a look at a special night filled with shopping, wine, and snacks. Shop till you drop!



TIP 1. Invite friends with a variety of age and size ranges.

TIP 2. Have a designated dressing room.

TIP 3. Have a price limit for items no higher than $20.



TIP 4. Sell cosmetics and accessories. Don’t just limit your guest to selling and exchanging clothes.

TIP 5. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and wine.



TIP 6. Add a fun twist to the shopping experience. During the last 5 minutes of the sale we gave of guest 5 minutes to grab as many clothes as they can for 1 dollar.

TIP 7. Last but not least make sure you find a way to donate the clothes that are left over to those in need.





Today, I’m exploring the history of my full name. This project was first introduced to me in college during a public speaking course. I found this exercise very interesting because it made me realize the true significance of names and it’s influence on our lives forever. This blog post will share what I discovered about my name and its definition.We should all investigate the beauty of our name, it’s significance and how it guides our day-to-day lives.

You may be wondering why I have four names. My mother gave me four names because she wanted something unique and a way to set me apart from other people. So she figured instead of giving me the traditional three names. Why not four?



SYDNEY- My mother’s name is Mishawna which often people find difficult to pronounce. As a child she would often get marked absent from school because her teachers would pronounce her name incorrectly. In response to the constant mispronunciation she refused to declare presence in the classroom. In order to protect me from similar situations she decided that she wanted to give me a simple name. Most importantly, she wanted to give me a gender neutral name, one that would make it difficult for people to categorize me by my race, class or gender solely by the glance of my name.

I always find it funny when I go somewhere like the doctor or to a job interview and someone says “Sydney” and the surprise of their face when they realize that I’m the Black girl in the lobby. My mom decided to give the name “Sydney” because while she was pregnant, she watched two different films with a main character named Sydney. One film presented a character named Sydney as a female- and the other a male. The rest was history. I find my name to be pretty simple, yet still people find a way to butcher. Ironically, the mispronunciation of my name occurs most frequently at Starbucks. To end all confusion when I’m asked the correct spelling I often say “My name is Sydney, it’s spelled just like Sydney, Australia.” You’ll be surprised by the number of people that I’ve said that don’t even know what Sydney, Australia is in the first place. As a child I was compared to the scary movie character Sydney which I’m sure kids had a lot of fun with saying “Hellooooo Sydney” in their creepiest imitation. Overall I’m pretty proud of my first name.



SHANAYE- My mother told me that in my family an unspoken tradition is for women to share names in order to keep the women alive. My mother decided to pass down her middle name to me which is Shanaye. I have a love/hate relationship with Shanaye. I always thought that the name was beautiful and I admired the unique spelling. Yet, one thing that I never enjoyed (and I still don’t) is its comparison to the stereotypical character Sheneneh Jenkins played in Martin Lawrence’s hit show “Martin”. Although I did find the character amusing in the show, I never liked people referring to me as “Sheneneh” especially since to we had absolutely nothing in common. The only person that I’ve ever allowed to call me Sheneneh without rolling my eyes is my Auntie Tricia so if you aren’t her don’t even try it.



For a period of time I started to dismiss the name altogether, rarely even sharing the fact that it existed. Eventually, I got over myself and back into my old ways of being prideful about Shanaye as my middle name. I’ve gotten over the Sheneneh comparisons too so “two snaps” to that. Besides, my mother is over 40 years old and she is the original, positive and extraordinary Shanaye.

MIRA- The name Mira was passed down to me from my Auntie Mira whom my mother considers to be one of her favorite aunts because she took such good care of her when she was younger. People often say we look alike mainly because we are both high-yellow with the same sandy brown hair color. She takes so much pride in us sharing names that whenever she introduces me to someone you can expect her to mention two things 1. I’m her great-niece and 2. I’m named after her. Whenever I see her she says “ Heeyyyyyyy Sydney Mira” as if my middle name Shanaye doesn’t even exist which I find quite hilarious. From my own research I learned that Mira is originally a Spanish name which means wonderful, peace, and prosperous. In the Spanish language it is pronounced (mee-rah) but my name is pronounced (my-rah). Either way in the end I take great honor in sharing a name with my Auntie Mira.



BLAYLOCK- The last name Blaylock is my father’s last name. According to my grandmother, “All the Blaylock’s that I knew in Tennessee were Black. When we walked to school they (white people) called us little white niggas. I used to pick cotton and get it weighed for 50 cents, that’s how we made a living.”

Based on my research the name Blaylock has a Scottish origin. Due to a persecution faced in their homeland it forced many Scottish people to sail to the colonies of North America. In the short excerpt I read it included that during their migration the Scottish discovered “land, freedom, opportunity and nations in the making.” I’m assuming that one discovery that they failed to mention would be the discovery of slavery and/or slaves.. Otherwise, how else would my ancestors had received the name Blaylock? Once I discovered the name was Scottish as an African-American woman I took it upon myself to just classify Blaylock as the slave name of my ancestors. I could be wrong but for now that’s what context clues sound like to me. Overall I do love my last name, I think it’s powerful and it’s not a common last name.



Feel free to share something interesting facts about your name that you’ve discovered.


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