A Chicago girl living & thriving in NYC. Sydney is an accessory designer, fashion blogger, roller-skater, writer, and model. When she’s not busy listening trap music, you can find her working in the fashion and beauty industries, cooking southern infused Jamaican food, or spending time with friends and family. A work in progress & a masterpiece. Follow her on Instagram @sydblaylock, Sydney Blaylock Youtube Channel, or on her blog at sydneyblaylock.com
This blog is inspired by the play which I read, viewed, and studied “The Colored Museum”, written by George C. Wolfe, which explores the experiences and identities of African-Americans in their rawest form while exposing historical stereotypes, the black image, and issues within the entertainment industry. After watching a remount of the play I was inspired to create my own ‘colored museum’ to expose the beauty of “Blackness” and highlight experiences of people of color.
I want to inspire all the creative people out there, those who enjoy art, fashion, and Black culture as much as I do. This is for you. This is for us. All love. [contact: contact.sydneyblaylock@gmail.com]

24 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. YASS Syd, you betta werk it. Looking forward to following your journey. All the love in the world to you and your experiences!

  2. You are truly amazing and destined for greatness!! Your story is inspiring and admirable. Keep up the great work! You rock!

  3. Wow! Your blog is absolutely inspiring and filled with creative energy! Such amazing imagery throughout with beautiful appreciation to Black culture in multiple forms. Keep on keeping on girl! your vision is definitely unlike any other.

  4. You go Virgo!!! I love this.. the fact that you were able to tie in your passion for styling with cultural inspiration. I’m so inspired lbs. God bless can’t wait to see you shine even more!!!

  5. Good stuff! Going through your website, while sitting in my office with John’s Legend’s P.D.A playing in the background, made me feel so refreshed. I feel like getting up and exploring all the beautiful things this world has to offer. Keep spreading this type of energy! 🙂

  6. Here’s to your journey!! May GOD grant you the success you pursue!! You are doing an awesome job, love your blog!!
    This is Robs Sister

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